How much is getting a quote and can we get a fixed price without plans?

All our consultations and quotes are 100% free of charge but having a set of drawings to work off is crucial to obtaining a fixed price. On our first consultation we can offer a price indication without plans and establish how much you want to spend so we can design around your requirements. After our first consultation we will liaise with our building designer all together to put together a set of concept drawings for you. From there we can submit our fixed price proposal on your design requirements and tailor it to your budget.

I have three builders prices in front of me, why are the prices so different for the same build?

Great question, builders margins in general aren’t so different from their competitor and there are plenty of reasons for the different prices. Ask your builder what his allowances are for the Bath? Tap ware? Tiles?. Let’s take the kitchen for example. The latest HIA report states that the average kitchen for 2016 is $22,500.00. So if his allowance is $8,000.00 then your most probably going to hit with an extra throughout the building process. This is a tactic builders use to get a contract signed and win a project. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Contact me anytime and i can go through plenty of other reasons why prices are so different and why in most cases you will end up paying the same price for your build as the most expensive quote you received.

Whats the time period from first consultation to the start of our project?

This all depends on the design of your project and what obstacles we need to jump threw before obtaining your building approval. In most cases the preliminary process from concept drawings to council approval is around 8 weeks.

How do we know if the builder is registered with the correct licenses?

All licensed builders are issued with a license card and are listed on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s (QBCC) website. You must ensure your builder is registered and can do so by visiting¬†http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/.

You’re a younger builder, why should we build with you and whats your experience?

I have been working in the industry for 12 years now, specialising in residential extending and renovating. As a younger builder i have a broader mindset to the most recent products and systems that are cost effective, with stronger structural integrity, look more aesthetically pleasing and longer lasting. I have also being voted the Housing Industry Association’s best and most professional in Queensland for 2015.