Jared Kemp

The original home was a modest single storey 2 bedroom home with loft area. The brief required that the home to be expanded to accommodate a growing family and incorporate modern, luxury features. Due to constraints of the block the home was not able to be expanded out so a […]

Belmont Road Second Story

Clayfield Raise, Slide and. Build Under This classic single storey home that was becoming very crowded for the occupants. The clients approached us wanting to lift the home and build underneath to add much needed extra space. The home fell under the Brisbane City Plan 2014 Traditional Building Character Overlay, […]

Clayfield Raise, Slide And Build Under

This treehouse style home, situated in a leafy street in Springwood lacked space for their five children. The new two story extension design was to include a lower level granny flat, upstairs cathedral style living and kitchen with beautiful custom windows as the feature.

Tree house home extension