How will choosing your builder before your architect save you tens of thousands?

kitchen plan
Would you like to save thousands on your renovation? Here’s a valuable design tip…
I know it sounds counterintuitive. But before you look for an architect to design your home, choose your builder.
Well, did you know 80% of architectural plans are never built?
Why? You see, an architect focuses on what a home will look like. The design. The problem is, they rarely factor in the costs. So what you end up with is a design that can quickly become…
Very Expensive to Build
Think about it: architects are trained to be visionaries. They ‘live’ to create the ‘perfect house’. That’s what you pay them for. But, they are not always focussed on the practicalities of building — how much extra time and money certain design elements may take.
And the reality is, they get paid for the design they create whether you build it or not.
There is a way to fuse vision with the practicalities of building. With a few small modifications, you can often achieve the same ‘design result’ for a lot less money.
When your builder and architect work together, you get the best of both worlds…
  • A design that is beautiful and functional
  • And a design that is affordable to build
So it’s best to choose a builder first. Then find an architect. And get them to work together.