Thinking of building a deck? Read this first!

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Ensure your builder is using the system below or your deck could cost you thousands over time $$$
Living in south east Queensland, outdoor living is a huge part of family entertainment. Whether its a party for the kids, entertaining friends or a simple Friday afternoon getaway with a cold beverage after a long week at work you will get a lot of use with an outdoor living area or deck.

Our team at RedKem are specialist’s in home renovations, extensions and of course, ‘decks’ but there is a bit of information you need to know before building your deck and the do’s and do not’s involved if you want a longer lasting and a lower maintenance product. Ensure your builder is using the systems below or your deck is going to be an ongoing problem!

Tip number 1: Protecta deck!

A product you can’t skimp out on, Protecta deck is a flashing used for the top of bearer’s and joist’s and is a high grade, flexible PVC that protects your timber from severe rotting and effectively seals around nails beneath decks. It’s able to be installed easily and with minimum fuss, Joist Protectadeck is an affordable solution that ensures maximum life and durability of your deck all year round. This will repel the water from sitting on top of your timber an extend the life of your outdoor area.



















Tip number 2: Seal your timber!

We aren’t talking about the decking itself, thats for later. We are talking about your flooring system. Ensure all the ends of floor joists, saw cuts into timber posts and any area’s exposed to weather but not easy to dry out are properly sealed with an external weather grade undercoat. Photo’s attached below.


img_1087 img_1089
















Tip number 3: Treated timber over hardwood

As the old school saying’s go, hardwood is a much better timber to use than pine, its harder, stronger and last’s forever, not necessarily! using treated pine is a much more cost affective way of building your deck, just ensure your builder is using all the system’s listed above and you will have a far cheaper deck that last the same period of time. These days the hardwoods aren’t seasoned long enough and very rarely do you find a straight piece of hardwood anymore. Treated pine is straight, easy to work with and will save thousands on labour and material cost. Just make sure it’s treated!!

Contact us today and we can offer great advice on building your deck. Every deck is different and we want to make sure you’re using the right products for your family entertainment area that will be known and loved for years and years to come.

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