Home Extensions

With land running out and the costs of moving skyrocketing, Brisbane home extensions are the most cost effective way to extend your home to accomodate for a growing family or extra living space. Be carful who you choose to build your home extension though as it’s easy to make an extension look like a tack on, which you don’t want!

See how we do it with our portfolio..

This treehouse style home, situated in a leafy street in Springwood lacked space for their five children. The new two story extension design was to include a lower level granny flat, upstairs cathedral style living and kitchen with beautiful custom windows as the feature.

Tree house home extension

From duckling to swan, this renovation was a life-changing transformation for RedKem clients Matt and Kasey who started with a modest 1890s original Queenslander – three small bedrooms, a bathroom not large enough for a bath, basic kitchen space, small front verandah and rear deck with a single car garage […]

Luxury home extension